Luxembourg? Never heard of the place.

Three months ago I knew nothing about the country of Luxembourg. I knew so little that I didn’t acknowledge it as a real place. While looking for flights into Europe I found that Luxembourg International was the most cost effective destination to meet up with family in Southwestern Germany. As we made our decent toward […]

Attack of the mosquitos in Brussels.

The heat in Phoenix is completely different from what I’ve discovered in Brussels. I can handle 120 degree weather without a problem back home, but 88 degrees here is hell. It could be the 43% humidity adding a new element to deal with. It could also be the lack of air conditioning at our hotel. […]

Goodbye Sky Harbor

I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. I simply wanted to enjoy the last few minutes of my king sized bed. My wife’s body pressed against mine as I lay like the big spoon behind her. This is my home, and in a few hours I am leaving for a longer vacation […]