6 reasons you want to quit

It was the morning of June 24th, 2016. To others, it was just another summer day in Phoenix. To me; it was the last day at my previous job. The job that provided me with stability and a secure source of income for the previous six years. That morning, I quickly crafted a writing and […]

It’s about the journey

Do you remember the last road trip that you took before entering the working world as an adult? What do you remember about that trip? Do you remember the way that it felt when you placed your hand out the window as the cool night air passed through your fingers? Do you remember the music […]

5 lessons from being unemployed

5 Lessons from being unemployed

Every moment in life is a learning opportunity. I believe that the best moments of growth and education occur when you force yourself outside of your comfort zone, face your fears and live. It’s been three months since I left my job of six years. I walked away from job security, a steady income, benefits […]

Luxembourg? Never heard of the place.

Three months ago I knew nothing about the country of Luxembourg. I knew so little that I didn’t acknowledge it as a real place. While looking for flights into Europe I found that Luxembourg International was the most cost effective destination to meet up with family in Southwestern Germany. As we made our decent toward […]